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Model Descriptions for Computational Neuroscience

Computational models based on detailed neuroanatomical and electrophysiological data have been used for many years as an aid for understanding the function of the nervous system. NeuroML is an international, collaborative initiative to develop a language for describing detailed models of neural systems.

The aims of the NeuroML initiative are:

NeuroML is a free and open community effort developed with input from many contributors. We need your help as the language and tools continue to evolve. NeuroML v1.8.1 is the latest stable release of the specification, and has been described in detail in this publication.

NeuroML version 2.0 is in active development. See here for details on the ongoing work towards this new version of the language.

A pyramidal cell loaded into 5 different NeuroML compliant applications

A pyramidal cell model in NeuroML which has been loaded into and visualised by (from left): neuroConstruct, NEURON, PSICS, X3D via the NeuroML Validator and NeuronLand. More details on NeuroML compliant software can be found here.

Cerebellar granule cell layer

A network model of the cerebellar granule cell layer which can be fully expressed as a Level 3 NeuroML file. Visualised in the Whole Brain Catalog (left), and neuroConstruct (right). This and other detailed cell and network models are available for download here.

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