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For further background information go to the introduction to NeuroML page.

See also the samples page for NeuroML files examples. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Version 1.8.1 Schemata (June 2009, Release Notes)

There are three Levels of compliance to the current NeuroML specifications.

Level 1:
Metadata_v1.8.1.xsd (Converted to more readable format)
MorphML_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)

Any Level 1 NeuroML file will also be compliant to:
NeuroML_Level1_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)

Level 2:
Biophysics_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)
ChannelML_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)

Any Level 1 or Level 2 NeuroML file will also be compliant to:
NeuroML_Level2_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)

Level 3:
NetworkML_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)

Any Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 NeuroML file will also be compliant to:
NeuroML_Level3_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)

Check the NeuroML Developers' Site on for the latest updates and news.

The recent NeuroML paper gives an overview of the language and describes examples of how it can be used. The supporting text of the paper gives a detailed description of the various elements of the language.