NeuroML Version 2
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For details of the meetings which have taken place to date where NeuroML v2 has been discussed see here.

In June 2013 the first NeuroML Editorial Board was elected by the NeuroML community. This group will have responsibility for creating a stable specification for NeuroML v2 (and appropriate parts of LEMS). See here for more details.

NeuroML v2.2

The latest version of NeuroML is v2.2 (release history). The structure of NeuroML v2.2 is defined by a single XML Schema file: NeuroML_v2.2.xsd. This should be the target structure for anyone wishing to implement NeuroML 2 support in their application.

NeuroML v2.2 structure Networks Synapses Inputs Channels Cells Cell morphology

This figure (taken from Cannon et al. 2014) shows some of the elements currently defined in NeuroML v2.2. The overall structure is similar to NeuroML version 1.x Level 3 (see figures 4-6 here). Note that there are a greater range of cell models supported (e.g. Izhikevich spiking cell, adaptive exponential integrate & fire) in addition to the multicompartmental conductance based models which were a focus of version 1.x.

Examples of NeuroML 2 files using this schema are available here:

    LEMS and NeuroML 2...

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