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Specifications & examples

  XML Schema Documentation Examples Publication
 LEMS LEMS_v0.7.1.xsd LEMS element definitions LEMS examples Cannon et al. 2014
 NeuroML v2beta4
    (Why convert to NeuroML2?)
NeuroML_v2beta4.xsd NeuroML 2 Core ComponentTypes
(Source in LEMS)
NeuroML 2 examples
(NML2 models on Open Source Brain)
Cannon et al. 2014
 NeuroML v1.8.1 NeuroML v1.8.1 Schemas Specifications NeuroML v1.x examples
(NML1 models on Open Source Brain)
Gleeson et al. 2010

Implementations & APIs in Java and Python

  Java Python
 Read, validate & execute LEMS XML files jLEMS PyLEMS
(Vella et al. 2014)
 Read & write NeuroML 2 files Java API for NeuroML 2 libNeuroML
(Vella et al. 2014)
 Everything... jNeuroML
Parse & execute LEMS; validate NeuroML v1/v2; convert LEMS to graphical format, NEURON, Brian, etc.; convert SBML to LEMS...
A Python module that wraps jNeuroML and allows its functionality to be accessed from Python scripts.

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