Specifications for NeuroML v1.8.1
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Version 1.8.1 Schemata (June 2009, Release Notes)

There are three Levels of compliance to the current NeuroML specifications.

Level 1:
Metadata_v1.8.1.xsd (Converted to more readable format)
MorphML_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)

Any Level 1 NeuroML file will also be compliant to:
NeuroML_Level1_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)

Level 2:
Biophysics_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)
ChannelML_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)

Any Level 1 or Level 2 NeuroML file will also be compliant to:
NeuroML_Level2_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)

Level 3:
NetworkML_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)

Any Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 NeuroML file will also be compliant to:
NeuroML_Level3_v1.8.1.xsd (Readable)

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